I don’t get it, so a coach who broke a 17 years record to take the Niger Tornadoes FC to the finals of Aiteo cup was abruptly sacked?

I don’t know what to call it but Niger state is something else.

I have never seen where such a meritorious service is rewarded with a sack just to please one individual or a few.

I am not so much a football fan, but I play football, I also have developed a following for the state team over the past 2 years, because it is the only reason to be happy with the state now a days, but it seems everything good has departed us.

I can’t imagine how any right thinking person will sack a performing management and a performing technical crew, you don’t change a winning formular or team except you are gunning for failure which we hope not for.

I have made series of enquiry as to why the immediate past management was sacked, but no one can give me any reason, except off course, mischief and blackmail reasons that are unfounded and parochial.

I am told that a self a claimed god father said his boys who were part of the sacked management have not being able to build houses and buy cars for themselves as such he wanted the Adamu Aliyu led management dissolved and replaced with his boys, when the Governor resisted, he took his prayers to the uphill deity and whoop! It was sanctioned. True or false? only time shall tell.

I heard that four of the godfather’s boys were returned into the new management, which re-enforces the saying that the former management were only sacked for no reason except satisfying godfather and otherwise they have committed no offense.

But like gothfather, like Governor, we recently saw how the Governor sacked a whole cabinet because he wanted to remove just a few commissioners. So it’s seems its same strategy from the same source, should we just say it’s a usual thing?

With a new management now on board and sacked technical team, when league is expected to commence in two weeks our prayer is that Niger Tornadoes will be able to perform better than last year but with happenings around the club it will be surprising if the club does not join the list of moribund agencies in the state.

We now wait to see how the new management will buy houses and buy cars and yet make any tangible results.

Well done Adamu Aliyu and Coach Bala thank you for your service to our state and be alert to serve our state again When I take over the mantle of leadership from 2019 insha Allah.

Ours will be engaging capable hands and result driven without caring who’s ox is gored.

Yahaya MOHD Usman,
Journalist and politician,

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