Gov. Bello knows His Government has not being fair to Nigerlites- PDP Guber Aspirant, Baka

An interview session with PDP Governorship aspirant in 2019, Alhaji Aminu Mohammed Baka, Badakoshin Lapai, Aminu Baka is a successful businessman having worked with MSC shipping line as a director of finance, Aminu Baka in this interview with Journalists said his passion for Niger state’s Development pushed him into eyeing the seat of the Governor. Baka Also came hard on Governor Abubakar Sani Bello saying every Nigerlite knows that his Government has not being fair to Nigerlites… excerpts:

Question: A lot of people will want to know why you joined politics when already you are a successful business man both as a merchant and as a shipping line operator?

Alhaji Baka: My mission in joining politics is to enable me contribute my quota, I have serious love for Niger State, I want us to be able Help our people, I want to bring new policies that will change the life of our people for good.

Question: If you say policy that will change the life of Nigerlites, does it mean that currently Nigerlites are in a bad situation?

Alhaji Baka: Sure! No doubt, everybody in Niger today knows that they are in a bad situation, the situation is hard, business persons in Niger have no means, until the masses have money businesses will not move, businesses are not moving, civil servants are here, pensioners are here, everybody humiliated.

Question: Since you said you want to improve on business and trade, how do you intend to do that?

Alhaji Baka: Insha Allah, we will assist youth, male and female with grants, we will also provide skills acquisition centers, from where upon graduation they will be able to stand on their on and to be employers of labour not until youth of Niger state run from one office to the other in search of jobs, after training and the skills are acquired they will stand on their own and even employ others.

Question: Few days ago we heard you expressing your sadness over a comment where the incumbent Governor Abubakar Sani Bello was quoted as saying he didn’t promise anything, what were you really saying, especially that the Governor’s spokesperson said they are not a government who react to people like you?

Alhaji Baka: well! If he says people like us should not be taken seriously, the masses of Niger State are not fools, the people of Niger state know what is right, they know the conditions they are in, they know for sure he is deceiving himself, he knows, even though the spokesman is eating from the Government, he knows this Government has not being fair to Nigerlites.

Question: Looking at it sectorially, which sector do say the current Government has not been fair to Nigerlites and how do intend to fill-in the gap?

Alhaji Baka: In the Area of road infrastructure, in the whole of Nigeria, there is no state with worst network of roads like Niger state, even in the Governor’s home Zone, Zone A, Zone B and Zone C, no good roads and if there are no road how will you do business? How will an investor bring his money to invest in Niger? It’s not possible, every zone in the state is crying of bad road, so, Insha Allah we will fix the roads and after that we will assist farmers with fertilizer, tractors and everything that is required to make them commercial farmers and not in the present day peasant farmers, the state will buy from them and also there will be availability for export.

Question: You are a businessman and the current Governor Abubakar Sani Bello is also a businessman and he is reported to have said he didn’t promise anything, are we not going back to the same old story if you are also elected?

Alhaji Baka: I am a businessman but there is a very big difference between me and and Governor Bello, I am a chartered Accountant and I have worked in an international company for 15 years as a Director of Finance and I have my personal companies which have being operating now for over 10 years.

Question: But the Governor will also say he has his companies too.

Alhaji Baka: His personal companies, that is different, I have the exposure that the Governor doesn’t have have, I have worked under others, from Assistant Manager to Manager to Senior Manager to General Manager to Director, you know this is a process that you will know what life is, you know what suffering is, I have done all that, he didn’t get to follow those steps to know.

Question: Are you saying He didn’t suffer?

Alh Baka: No! I mean he didn’t follow those steps to know what life is, it is not that you became manger this or you did that.

Question: In your thinking is that why you think his government has not performed?

Alhaji Baka: No, that is not because even if you a pure businessman if your intentions are good to perform you will perform.

Question: Does it mean he has no good intentions?

Alhaji Baka: Even if he is a secondary school student if his intentions are good he will perform, is not the Governor that will go and work, there are Commissioners, they will sit down and discoursed with members of the House of Assembly, nobody will say no, but if the intentions are not there there is nothing you can do.

Question: Let’s go into your political party, only recently your party signed a coalition with over 34 parties, what are you views on this new coalition?

Alhaji Baka: Honestly I am very happy with the coalition, this is a coalition not merger, all parties have their aspirants but they are trying that we should come and cooperate. With each other to remove this APC Government, and Insha Allah we will succeed, because this is an opportunity, if we get one person and support him, we will succeed and by God it is a good thing.

Question: APC has re- introduced the direct primaries, where all party members will vote at the primaries, don’t you think PDP should do same, or are you more comfortable with the delegate system?

Alhaji Baka: Whatever the party decides from the national we are followers, but whatever decision they take May God grant us victory.

Question: Arising from the coalition some people have started defecting to the PDP, Senators and Members of the House of Reps are reported to have joined don’t you think this people will come with resources and Aalto of popularity that might upset your emergence?

Alhaji Baka: Insha Allah, they cannot, PDP has reformed, they say the person who is most qualified and most acceptable, who has the love of the masses. If there was love of the masses what is happening in Niger State would not be happening.

Question: If I get you correctly, you want to be Governor because of your patriotism, don’t you think your party will be accused of non- performance after leading for 16 years?

Alh Baka: every living thing in Niger state knows he had a very good life in Niger in the 16 years of PDP rule, everybody knows, workers, non- workers, married Women, Men, youth, businessmen and non- business men.

Question: On a final note what message do you have for Nigerlites and your party members.

Alhaji Baka: I have two messages for Nigerlites, first people keep spreading rumors that someone brought me to contest except Allah, by Allah who created me nobody has brought me out, it’s only that when people see your plans, both the elites and the masses can easily relate to it, Secondly to the delegates if anyone brings monies take it and vote for your conscience. If you are given money and vote for a wrong person not qualified you have cheated yourself and your family and relations but if you vote the right person he will perform and everyone will be happy. May God help us all to remove this Government of APC.

Nigerwatch Newspaper: Thank you, Alhaji Aminu Mohammed Baka.

Alhaji Baka: Thank you too!

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