Professional POLITICIAN: a retrogressive participant.

A discourse with an intellect, a professional medical practitioner and a community based health psychologist who acquired so much an experience through his interaction with various interest clients and a keen understanding of their predicament, outburst and management gave me light on the above caption of a politician.

Why should I make politics a career and profession without sound educational background to place me either a medical doctor, educationist align to a professional teaching or consulting analyst, an engineer of a professional body of consulting firm, an agricultural consult or of practicing farming outlets to keep production affront, a business tycoon of a daily bread assurance, an artisan of expertise generating independency in living daily needs, infact individuals with a legal life lane of survival.

Politics is part of us but politicking should not be a primary source of survival rather an avenue to demand good leadership and means to serve community and humanity.. The people’s happiness and satisfaction, a priority to be taken sacred and dipping hands unto the coffers of those serving be placed on a primitive mode, old fashioned and uncivilized where such acts tagged a TABOO. Leaders be covered with the conscience of guiltiness when linked with corruptible indices of aggrandizement, looting and ill wealth.. That is when genuine and clean wealth possessions becomes a viable option of claim.

It prooves one’s intent to serve on a part time previlege for his people where indelible marks are targeted to be left and thus a referral of a worthy sacrifice. Today, it has been rooted by the so called professional politicians whose only survival endeavours is politicking… have so much colonize the psyche of average common populace, constantly sucking on the collective juicy dividends of coexistence and design a conduits pipes to siphon and packaged to an ocean of flamboyancy at the expense of the common man’s itching sweat for solace. Prefered to be served, worshipped and placed well above ordinary honours. Hmmmm this phrase.. ” I have no business but politics” induced, I have no morals but end result of my survival… at all cost thus a profit inclined venture and whichever tributaries of attempt points to a designed individualistic comfort zone of a gladiator..

We must make politics a serving venture and a part time avenue to seek for God’s grace and reward. Where thuggery, praise singing and slave – master scenario seen as unethical. It shall encourage purposeful leadership and gunuine urge to perform. I am looking forward with such hope of seeing our politicians on a candidature terrain equipped with a handful of survival living engagement, a fall back as a primary source of livelihood.

These set of team may be difficult to cowed, coerced or threatened to do a nonentity bidding.. serving their alterior interest.. We so much know ourselves and need a scenario of protective platform to deliver.. God save us from the devilish clique of political mafiaso and sucking worms of a parasitic Godfatherism..

Shettima Hassan.

Writes from Minna.

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