Nigerians must stop stocking hate, let’s debate issues, point by point.

The leadership failures from top to bottom is affecting everybody, not one tribe, not one religion or region.

Youth especially should start a network that will push aside these incompetent hands that have held the nation by the jaws for several years.

I get angry and mad whenever I see states arresting, profiling repatriating poor economic migrants in the name of Almajiri.

I totally do not support the Almajiri system, especially the begging by children of school going age out of school, but states cannot bandy everyone especially adults as Almajiri.They are not.

They are people in search of greener pastures within their country. No law forbids that.

I listened to an audio visual posted to our old school whatssap group.

The speaker who obviously said he is living abroad, but from the south east raised alarm that the Fulanis and northerners are moving into southern state Bushes in preparation to launch attack on the southerners.

The audio visual was posted by a person from the south west and we schooled together in the north.

That got me burning with anger and disgust, how an educated person, who schooled in the north together with northerners goes back to fan the embers of “Arewaphobia” and “Xenophobia” hates on northerners?

I have observed it doesn’t come only from persons of southern extraction but also from some northerners, they verbally attack people based on tribe or religion, but these are done mostly by illiterate northerners. Unfortunately, even to fellow northerners.

No one is born with hate of colour, tribe, region or religion, no one also choosed where he or she is born into, but we learn to hate as a personal choice when we grow up. This must be unlearn.

The Nigerian kind of hate, is fueled by economic inequality, poverty and lack of opportunities for all.

These challenges face every youth in the country either from the north or from the south, the Igbo man who comes up north to set up his small business is not interested in Christianising or conquering any northerner, he is only looking for survival, the Hausa man who goes to the south is not in the south to preach Islam or Islamise the Igbo man or the Yoruba man, he is in the south to eke a living.

In the whole of South East consisting 6 states, there are less than 10 Mosques, but there are over 5000 Churches in the 19 northern states.

In Niger alone there are more Igbo spare parts dealers, more Igbo building material dealers, there are several Igbo Hoteliers and there are over 500 churches, have the churches succeed in Christianising the north? No!

Think am!

Yahaya Mohammed Usman,
Journalist/ commentator
Twitter: boyemdee

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