“ …speaking about Bago?..we will kill you”- CALLERS TO YMU

Former gubernatorial aspirant under the people’s democratic movement PDM in Niger state, Yahaya Mohammed Usman has issued a press release on threats to his life by unknown persons.

The release was made available to newsmen in minna, Usman who is a publisher of the popular and famous Nigerwatch newspaper say in parts that he received calls intermittently from unknown caller (withheld), “On Tuesday 19th September, 2019 between 12:23 PM and 12:30 I received 3 calls at a very close intervals from numbers (withheld).

The caller threatened to kill the voice ferrous journalist on for asking the youth to demand for education, empowerment and better representation from a particular House of Representatives member.

“you will fall before the sunset” “we will kill you” “we will cut you”. (sic)

The second number repeated same.

“On the phone were several voices after cursing and insults they said you are the one who is speaking about Bago (Member Representing Chanchaga in the house of Reps) and the sharing of Motorcycles and 100 cars for campaign as a misplaced priority.” He said.

Mallam Usman expressed dismay at the callers, when he said “What baffles me the most is that the threat is coming from the same youth I spoke for, to be given education and skills for a brighter future.

“I have reported to the nearest police station and action have been taking including assigning armed security for vigilance and quashing threat of any kind.

He further said “for everyone there is a time to be born and a time to die in between is the privilege to live, if I fall asleep they threatened I pray to have fallen for a reason that helps humanity.

He concluded “I pray and wish to live longer but if the Bago boys fall me as they threatened, family and friends should pray for me, take care of my daughters, Yasmeen and Eeman, give them good education and tell them to pray for their father till we meet again. Let the assailants live forever!”

Yahaya is a publisher, farmer, philanthropist, analyst, entrepreneur, mentor and advocate for good governance.

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