This is the height of legislative recklessness that stands logic on its head, it exposes the lack of capacity and the immatured kinds of minds we have in the state Assembly.

From the reports submitted the adhoc committee was set up on the 5th of February, 2018. Assuming the committee resumed work on the 6th, it therefore means the committee worked for just seven days as the report was submitted on the 13th of February, 2018.

With 25 LGS said to have been covered this seriously leave more questions than answers.

Another ground for sensing a hatchet job is that the same house of assembly has turned a blind eye to their so called oversight since the past 2 years only to wake up on tbe 13th of February coincidentally, same date they had wished the tenure of local government councils expire but for the court ruling which I am told they have appealed.

The house of Assembly which has a 2018 budget before it that they have wittingly refused to pass, has hurriedly, compiled, submitted and adopted a motion to dissolve the local government councils.

This to me is lack of sensitivity, irresponsibility and dereliction of duties by the members themselves, the budget passage and the resolution to remove local government council, which is of more importance to the common man? Budget off course, but for their selfish and ill motivated political reasons they choose the latter, clearly showing they careless about the masses.

Recently we received news of how a house member was nearly lynched at a wedding ceremony in his constituency, this is just a tip of the ice berg for people who have collected tonnes of millions as constituency allowances and have nothing to show to turn around and accuse councils of misappropriation is a case of kettle calling pot black.

To think that the house has appealed a subsisting court judgment yet turn around to try to muscle the LGA officials out of office through the window is to say the least a legislative overzealousness, democratic kung-fu and turning rule of law into a ping-pong game.

Now, the Governor who has the final discretion to hid the order by the house or not has one choice before him, maintain status quo until the final adjudication either at the appellate court or the supreme Court.
While issues of law raised regarding section 38 (1) be investigated without malice and where found guilty appropriate sanctions metted out otherwise Niger state might just be seating on a seating on a political bomb waiting to explode.

Yahaya Mohd Usman
Journalist and politician,
Writes “MinutesWithMohd”

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