Niger state cannot repeat the same mistake thrice, except we are not ready for development.

Have you noticed that due to poor development of the state even people who are stealing from the State’s treasury do not want to live in the state?

Those who also left to succeed outside do not want to come back to invest or even set up a home.

The likes of Generals IBB, Abdulsalami and Nasko who are patriotic enough to come home and stay are now constantly faced with security threats of banditry, terrorism and thuggery especially in Minna. In a sensible society with innovative system these giant National figures are enough tourists attractions to bring in IGR enough to sustain the state.

The task of ensuring a safe, development driven Niger clearly lies within the decision that Nigerlites will make in the next election.

It will be a choice between continuation of Chaos and clear roadmap to development.

Now, just imagine that almost N1trillion has been budget approvals in the outgoing 8 years. Can you identify one, yes, just one single 3-5 billion Naira project commenced, completed and commissioned in the 8years?

I place a N10,000 bounty on any project so identified.

That’s not all, recently Budglt released figure showing Niger State Spent well over N6billion on Covid-19, No single Hospital or Referral Centre was built.

The last administration built and equipped the Hospital Extension with Five blocks at less than N3billion. Yet the Key players of that administration are facing trials in various courts, this is not to justify anything but to envision what a serious future holds.

Now the choice is that of the Uphill residence and low land dwellers to make, to make or mar Niger in 2023, to develop or destroy Niger in 2023, to Fix or fuse Niger in 2023.

The signs are already there and clear to all. The last arrest of thugs who engaged in gang violence and killings in broad daylight in the state capital Minna put their ages at between 15-23 years old, including a 15 years old girl high on drug.

If this doesn’t worry us, then prepare for the worse future.

Did you watch the gory video tapped canning of kaduna-Abuja train Kidnapped victims? Look at the boys canning mature responsible men, none of them looks 30-35 years old. That is the unfortunate state of Nigerian youth, drugs, crimes and violence enabled by some heartless, wicked and selfish politicians.

Some of them are still running for offices. It is your duty to stop them or become a victim. We are all awaiting victims. Allah ya tsare!

Sorry! They even threatened to kidnap the President and a Governor. The audacity is legendary.

Subhanallai Sannu!

Yahaya Mohd Usman,
Writes from Minna,
Twitter: @boyemdee

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