Nasko’s 2018 Christmas message

Dear Friends,

I felicitate with our Christian brothers and sisters on the occasion of this year’s Christmas.

We owe a big gratitude to the Almighty God for preserving our lives to witness yet another Christmas in our lifetime.

Like we all know, this season commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and according to Christian scriptures, his eventual ministry of sacrifice, healing, and redemption.

That is why I enjoin all of us to remember as we celebrate, that we should embody these same virtues of sacrifice, first to ourselves and our families, then to our neighbours, and most importantly, to our nation.

My Sisters and Brothers, it is instructive that Christmas falls at the end of the year which is conventionally a time of stock taking and performance evaluation; a time to ask questions, and a time to seek answers.

Therefore, I will exhort every one of us to use this season to evaluate how far we have come as a people, how we have fared as a nation, and how well each and everyone of us has played our individual roles, either to keep us where we are now, or to keep us moving forward.

This is an examination that nobody can take or mark for us. We are all living in the same country, breathing the same air, and buying at the same prices. So we are all witnesses to the same scenario that circumstances and our passive or active choices have placed us in.

To those in leadership, I reiterate that power is transient. Nobody will remember a leader for the people he or she brought down. But many people will remember him or her for the people he/she lifted up.

You should bear in mind that one lifted person will lift many others with him or her, if not immediately, later. The same way a person who is going down will seek to drag as many with him or her.

To my fellow politicians, I challenge you to seek whatever position you seek with decorum; to marshal your arguments well and your visions persuasively without undue tension, coercion, and violence. Bearing in mind that all power belong to God and he gives it to whom he will, and will – as we have witnessed throughout history, He eventually destroys those who climb to power through destruction, intimidation, and cheating.

In this season I call on all people in position of authority to commit to truth, fairness, equity, and justice in the discharge of their constitutional and moral duties without which all public display and expressions of truthfulness and integrity will continue to remain mere and hollow rituals.

The good book says that there is a time of beginning and a time of ending, and I join my prayer with yours in this season that the Almighty will make this season herald the beginning of better standards of living, more affordable and accessible healthcare, more improved educational systems and better administration, more affordable food, and more jobs and better governance for all Nigerians.

I pray that God will give us the courage to withstand whatever challenges including intimidation, coercion, and every sacrifice it will take us to make the right decision to live better as a people for ourselves, our families, and our nation.

Happy Christmas!

Signed: Umar Nasko
Jarman kontagora
PDP Guber candidate Niger 2019.

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