Buhari should resign over Bloodshed – Sheikh Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign over the continuous bloodshed ripping the country. Accusing the Federal Government of not doing enough to stop the killings, the Islamic preacher, who is based in Kaduna, reminded Nigerians that he once called on former President Goodluck Jonathan to resign following killings by Boko Haram.

Speaking at Sheikh Sanusi Khalil Mosque at Rigachikun, Kaduna, during the closing of Ramadan lecture for 2018, Gumi said, “Buhari is full of mistakes. Full of mistakes! He is a human being like anybody. And I swear to God that there are many people here in the North that can perform better than him.”

According to the Islamic cleric, “Anybody killed under your regime, you are responsible for that blood. If you have done your best, I can say yes, Allah can forgive you. But if you are relaxed, no; Allah will not forgive you. So it is the same thing now.
“The bloodshed now is more than during Jonathan’s regime. So now you judge yourselves to be fair. Our religion is a religion of fairness.
“Now more blood is shed from negligence, from sleeping, from laziness, from I-don’t-care.
“If I am true to myself, as I called for the resignation of Jonathan, I should call for the resignation of President Buhari, and with immediate effect”!

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