The Nigerian Police force, Niger state command has arrested one Mr. Mahmud Idris of Katcha over what they described as “Defamation of character, injurious falsehood contrary to Section 392 and 393 of the Penal code law”.

Citing reliable source as the informant, the police said his post on January 1 was an imputation of the executive governor of Niger state, Abu Lolo and his family members.

Mr. Idris was immediately arraigned in the afternoon of January 3 at the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Minna.
Nigerwatch reporter that was in the court where Mr. Idris was to be arraigned obtained the first information report, FIR.

The Police is alleging that Mr. Idris owned a facebook profile name Yaya Wakili which he used to published the said defamatory post. That is to say, Mr. Idris allegedly wrote “that the executive governor of Niger state Abu Lolo looted over five hundred billion naira (500,000,000,000:00k), property of Niger state government, and looted another three billion naira N3,000,000,000:00k in the name of maintenance of neonatal hospital and another four billion naira (N4,000,000,000:00k) for supply of fake old machines which were auctioned back to water board.

Police also accused Mr. Idris where they said he stated that “the executive governor of Niger state’s father collected almost two billion naira (N2,000,000,000:00k) to build fence around Minna government house. “that the executive governor of Niger state, Abu Lolo has spent over three point five billion naira (N3,500,000,000:00k) in three (3) years flying anywhere and to nowhere with a jet on standy daily.

The accused was allegedly said to have include the governors relations in the post, when he said “Abu Lolo is not alone in the looting as his family including Yakubu, his in-law in connection with gen. Abdulsalam, his father in-law has cornered millions fictitious contracts including an uncompleted building at the state assembly complex.

The police claimed that the accused named the governor’s spouse in the looting, ” that Abu Lolo’s wife, Amina is fingered in a contract mess for supply of ambulance by SDG which saw the pilfering of N1,200,000,000:00k.”

Though the Magistrate said the time for sitting was over, so the police are now keeping him in their custody, they are to produce the accused tomorrow.

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