It is not everyday you come across geniuses, when you meet the likes of IBB the self acclaimed evil genius you relish that memory for a long time, you come across the likes of Lionel Messi the football wonder man you hardly forget.

But there are people who have made exploits that could be referred to as geniuses, that have no such worldwide acclaimed recognition, like the IBBs and Messis, Abubakar Mohammed is one of such. Abubakar is neither a footballer nor a politician like Messi and IBB but he works behind the scene to give those sportsmen you love to admire the befitting outfit they wear.

Abubakar Mohammed with a signature name called AMMAZ has created a niche for himself, for being one of the most industrious youth that will ever come out from Niger, designing Jersies and Sportswares for premier league football clubs and some of the best schools in Nigeria.

I met AMMAZ some four years ago, his single shop is tucked between several shops at the popular Gidan Mataza complex, in Minna, a friend has taken me there to buy a top for his everyday exercise.

Since then Ammaz has grown from strength to strength, only recently when I was finding it difficult to get my sizes of Sportsware in the second hand clothes market popular known here as Gwanjo or Okrika, a friend recommended AMMAZ to me, he said just go there get yourself measured and he will saw it for you with the best of material that can math any world standard.

While surfing on Facebook I came across Abubakar’s profile I sent him a message and we scheduled to meet.

Few days later we met at 6-2-10 cafe, where took local spices tea and a some chips, we discussed with him and scheduled a visit to his factory. He also too my measurements along.

Just three days later I got a message that my Sport wares are ready, so I decided to go to the factory to see things for myself.

I was amazed with AMMAZ the little shop I knew four years ago has shifted to a bigger flat, now designing machines are arranged in sequence, at the reception in lady sitting comfortably on a computer system, AMMAZ himself the you CEO welcomed me, gave me my wears which I went into a room and got dressed into, he then took me round.

First was to show me fabrics both imported and locally made, we then went into into the next room were heat is used to transfer logos and names or nicknames of people depending on what you want written on your sport ware, then we went into another were cutting was being done, he introduced a you man as manager and two other persons as workers.

Then to the machine room, there were about 15 machines neatly arranged in sequence of work. It was then I asked how many workers he has? He said 15, and there are several apprentice.

I asked him if he has approached bank of industries and he smiled and said I filled the form long ago but I they seem to slow and I lost interest.

We left then left the machine room to go out of the factory, as we were going out I asked what was his major challenge, he said electricity and the lack of cheap capital for expansion.

I also asked, if he has enough patronage, he said currently I design for Tornadoes FC, state’s sports team, all major schools in Niger and in Abuja, but I will love to reach out more with our new designs, the market is large but the awareness is still poor and the mentality of people sometimes, a lot of people don’t know that our designs will match Nike and Addidas but they just want the name, but we are also seeing people who strongly believe in us and are proud of our name and logo, people like you.

I said who are mine? We both laughed.

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