I have read so many posts and news items on the picture of a Senator commissionung an electricity pole standing alone, I have deliberately reserved my comment thinking that people of good conscience will come out with a discerning position and put the truth on the front burner, unfortunately those who should, have gone to sleep, either to promote mischief or to smear the senator, I am not an apologist of anyone but I love truth and we all should.

As critical minds, let’s ask ourselves some simple questions, from the picture below which has been severally titled “Senator commission electricity pole In Niger”

How will a pole be commissioned?

Can a stand alone pole provide electricity?

Will the people of Niger be so clueless to gather in support of commissioning a pole?

Will a Senator be so foolish to commission a stand alone electricity pole?

Your answers to above question will tell the kind of understanding you have.

Facts available to me shows that the erection of the pole was a ground breaking to commence electrification of three communities in his zone, could electrification of communities be described as misplaced? No! It’s a good effort.

We must not love Mustapha Sani as a person but we cannot fault the projects he has recently attracted to his zone.

If only everyone does these “little” our rural people would have a reason to smile.

As people who comment in public discourses we should not shy away from speaking the truth even if we are loners in such effort, I have in the past lambasted Senator Mustapha Sani and will do so if he derails again but for now I urge him to continue to bring in more projects to our people.

My editor sent me the following link to verify the story please click and read

Yahaya Mohd Usman,
Journalist and politician,

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