The People’s Democratic Party, Niger State Gubernatorial primaries have come and gone, but I have uncovered a carefully orchestrated plot by some one who fought hard and dirty before the primary elections and lost to use the courts to subvert the will of the people and members of the People’s Democratic Party in Niger state.
The plan which are in series started with rumor spreading and propaganda against Hon. Isah Liman Kantigi, next, was a petition to screening by faceless Individuals, the petition was thrown out after it was dismissed in the face of hard facts, then followed by another petition to the screening appeal committee, again it was thrown out after it was dismissed as lacking in substance and facts.

The same people then hired political thugs to call a world press conference to accuse Hon. Isah Kantigi of all crimes under the sun but the media was wiser, as the platforms will be liable as the accusers when charged so the news conference couldn’t stand media scrutiny.

Then he plotted to disrupt the primaries by alleging several issues, including asking delegates to provide means of identification for which the primaries where postponed for 24 hours to enable all delegates comply, in that milieu 3 delegates lost their lives to bandits on their way back to get their Identity cards.
The primaries held smoothly with no complains, result were announced, Kantigi got 667 votes and his runner up got 114 votes out of a total of 822.

With this landslide, one would expect that the issue of who is the candidate is squarely settled.
Alas! One of them who bragged to be very close to the judiciary and will make sure the judiciary do his biding by upturning the will of the people in his favor, he has since approached the courts to seek to use the courts for his personal, selfish interest.

I have confidence in the judiciary and I wish to call on the judiciary to remain firm in upholding the wheel of Justice irrespective of who is involved, be he a judge or a son of a judge or an ordinary citizen. After judiciary is anarchy, God forbid!

I am upbeat more than ever that Hon. Isah Liman Kantigi will go on to win the general election and bring development to Nigerlites like he did in Edati Local Government as a council chairman.

Saidu Alfa, 

Writes from Minna

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