MURDER CASES: Too much a coincidence

This phrase from a security and legal professionals “Not guilty untill proven otherwise” has been lingering on one’s mind but technically leaving the target personality a SUSPECT that will no doubt put him in a state of discomfort, unbalanced state of mind, weakened and psychologically traumatised..
It is seen as a possible tool of coercion and suppression by opponents. Decimating avenue through a rivalry mode and even silencing a dissenting voice or uproar by an instituted authority.
Over the few months, a dangerous trend of revelations from the security and on behind the scene adoption of reports dominates the social media and news agencies feeding the vulnerable audience that so much depend on second hand information which can be distorted along the lane of dessimination.
For many it’s seen as political permutations to clear hurdles and silence coarse noises along the lane of smooth operation to achieve a target agenda. Allegations so a grievous been linked to personalities that ordinarily could not surface, infact a VIP crime investigation..
Going through the emerging list,  I found the allegation of Murder pointed to person’s revered to political heads drawn of almost same pattern of linkage..
The Senator Danjuma Goje issue of documents linking him to death of a prominent Islamic scholar at the verge of a budget scrutiny and presentation was one, only on a security raid.
The Dino Melaye case, just as others, senators Shehu Sani and Saraki with his counterpart political ally, a governor were traced to a bandit’s confessions.
These high profile cases did not come to me as a surprise, every other person can find himself on allegation, at least not caught in the act but thus  said to be traced through a series of investigations and can only be found liable after proved guilty by a competent institution of justice..
These are very serious cases that becomes prominent and of interest to the populace considering the personalities involved, the positions they occupy and the contributions they are capable of surrendering to make or mar a process. These SUSPECTS are master’s of the game in their various political placements. They are powerful, strong and influential. They are dogged fighters in their endeavours and most importantly their voices and acts are independent of monouvers from the government quarters or an acclaimed clique of political deciders.
The EFCC machineries have been on the trace of many a people which is seen as a child’s play. Some cannot be caged through a civil like government outfit but a more severe biting avenue could be employed..
Why must these cases come at a time approaching the next balloting. A more conspiracy theories been emerging in the current trend of events as per criminal allegations of such people that have contributed beyond ordinary grading to the Squashing  and sent packing of the past government and the  emergence of the present government through a political platform they so belong. It’s indeed seen as a same party affair of different ideology. It’s an internal disagreement and rancor, probably sieving the HOW men from the YES men, who dare to question a decision not suitable for a collective interest or being proponents of dissenting voice. They are never a novice cohesion of a formidable front.
No doubt, some people make a scene of the current happenstances as a stage managed script to drag the concerns unto a political oblivion or incapacitated to an insignificant threat to designed framework.
Another angle of thought, adopt and hail the movie like documentary of evil perpetuation of a supposed group of enemies of government. They are from on set  tagged guilty of the the crime.
These are set of experienced personalities facing a persecution as viewed from the angle of sympathisers. It remains a topic if discourse whether they can come out clean or see them agile, pragmatic, eloquent and stable through out the period of incarceration or sojourn.
The ordinary man will no doubt, pick a shelve to retire, retrace his vow and tread with caution which ever way it goes, making a refferral to the current crack down on the concidental culprits.
Government should be more logical to defeat the go round conspiracy theory where apologists, loyalists, participants on their good books are saved and provided immunity.
The critics and opposition party strategists and mobilisers have been sent signals of mute or caution in their attempt to effectively perform. That may affect the dividends of a participatory democracy where equal right and opportunity thrives..
If it’s done before, it must be discarded. We must all adopt an allegiance to instill a new chapter of genuine change away from the old SCRIPT of COERCION.
Shettima Hassan,
Lecturer, politician and public affairs analyst based in Minna.


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