Kano, Tolulope: A good name not riches is success – Yahaya Mohd Usman

Your children need a good name more than the riches.

Alot of people do not understand that happiness do not come only from riches, dont get me wrong, wealth is good but it sometimes do not necessarily bring happiness.

I have had very wealthy friends and relations whose lives are glaringly unhappy, couldn’t even keep a families.

Yet I have seen a humble family with broad smiles on left over foods, warmed as breakfast.

By my observation of life and personal experiences I have learnt that wealth or status does not define how happy one becomes, again dont get me wrong, legit wealth is good.

Today alot of people are just wealthy but not happy, mostly because their wealth are accumulation from excessive greed and grabbing of even what they dont need.

The man below is Aminu Kano, a very influential politician that today several years after his demise, the ordinary iconic red cap on his head wins election. He is from Kano, the city of Multi-billionaire merchants, but how many of such billionaires do you still remember? It’s not money, it good name that leaves a legacy.
Don’t get me wrong, wealth is good but greed is bad.

Veteran Nigerian politician, late Mallam Aminu Kano

From 1999 – date How many Governors became billionaires? How many do you still remember who served 1999- 2007? I leave you to keep scratching your head to recall. But backdate, there was a police man Audu Bako who left a legacy in Kano, donkey years back, he is never forgotten, How about Abubakar Rimi?

Kwankwaso is not remembered for his descent and progressive political brinkmanship, he is remembered for the legacy projects he left for Kano, for his human capacity development.

Northern Nigeria is in search of heroes and standards for measuring honesty, integrity and success.

Who today is the poster boy? Is it that your kamikaze greedy, indolent corrupt boss or who?

Picture from BBNaija show

Alright let me give an example of success, do you remember Tolulope Arotile? The 24 years old lady who died recently, she is the first combat female Helicopter pilot in Nigeria, that is success, she will never be forgotten, guess you saw how those you hold as your heroes in politics fell over themselves just to get noticed at her burial? She wasn’t rich, not flamboyant not a pornster, not a scammer not even near politcs, she is a genuine success.

Tolulope 24 years old first Nigerian Combat Helicopter pilot killed in a car accident

Young people especially in southwest and southestern Nigeria are building businesses, using technology to their advantage, youth in northern Nigeria are busy doing selfies, praise singing rogues as heroes. Dont get me wrong, the wayward youth are everywhere.

Ever wondered why unemployment rates are lower in the south and goes up as you come further up north? Bad governance and poor followership.

Let’s change our priorities from watching premier league and BBNaija to joining political parties, participating in debates, campaigns and voting.

Let’s ask for accountability and good governance, let’s roll up our sleeves and get in the dirty mud of politics, let’s shun greed and never be afraid to take legitimate risk.

It is hard in the beginning but that is all you need to succeed.

Remember, success is not only cash or property but the legacy you leave in people’s memories.

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