Recently, the political landscape if the Niger East Senatorial zone has been enriched with the social media full of campaign messages of Alhaji Shuaibu Gwada aspiration to be a Senator. This is quiet commendable given the personality, pedigree and loyalty of Alhaji Shaibu Gwada to the cause of our area and I support his aspiration.

However there have been a negative campaign to his aspiration especially as regards his language. I have seen posts and comments asking him to go back to his Yoruba ancestry to contest. This position I find sad and displeasing. Yes agreed that his parents were Yoruba from Ilesha but the Ojo family more than many families in Gwada has demonstrated their love, loyalty and passion for Gwada and the Gbagyi people.

His father, the late Alhaji Ibrahim was the first shop owner and transporter in the whole of Gwada axis. He gave birth to all his children in Gwada, lived and died in Gwada with the family heavily encouraging inter marriages with the Gbagyi and other tribes found in Niger State.

Alh. Shuaibu Gwada has deep affection and affinity to Gwada. He is perhaps the first elite and influential person to adopt Gwada as his surname so also his children. He has championed Gwada development with his resources and influence more than any son or daughter of Gwada. It is very hard to see Yoruba spoken in his house.

He has been instrumental in deepening Gwada presence and participation in the political arena. During the campaign for Talba election in 2007, he donated a whopping N500,000 on behalf of Gwada Community. He has also been the anchor of Gwada and to a large extent Shiroro LGA participation in the activities of the APC in Niger state. During the last campaign, he formed and financed a whole group to promote Buhari and Abu Lolo.

May I use this medium to appeal to our collective reasoning and to avoid arousing unnecessary sentiments that are only capable of tearing us apart, that will only Move us backwards and stifle our development. Gwada has been known to be a centre of diverse languages, a melting point of cultures and religion and at this point we should promote anything good that comes out of it rather than kill with sentiments

Abubakar Ahmad Gwada,
Public policy analyst and Gwada Resident.

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