Former PDP spokesman OIisah Metuh pens an emotional piece on Akpabio’s planned defection from PDP “still do not want to believe the unconfirmed reports”

Two weeks ago, I was present during a heated exchange on the allegation of this defection and a warrior Governor completely went on the offensive. I stood with Senator Godswill Akpabio.

I stood with the Akpabio who did well as a PDP governor, I stood with the Akpabio whose brilliance and oratory in espousing the ideals of our great party is second to none, I stood with the Akpabio who inspired,encouraged and motivated our new media team then under the leadership of Deji Adeyanju and Henry Shield(I still remember his admonition to them never to give up or surrender on account of actual or percieved persecution) and I will forever stand with the Akpabio who uncommonly transformed and elevated the plight, vision, perception and indeed the lives of his people.

If this rumour is true, I cannot second guess his reasons.Many have claimed it has to do with threats of ….

Yes, it is a lonely road when you are visited with state sponsored media trial, your family name and reputation tarnished with falshood. It is a lonely road when some of those you hoped will defend, console and support you are frightened even to assist in any manner whatsoever. Indeed it is a difficult path to tread when you envisage that they might even deny you access to prescribed medical treatments. But then, you are Godswill Akpabio, the uncommon governor. If lesser mortals have survived, how much more the ‘lion of the south’.

I still do not believe….

No matter what happens, I plead with our members to remember the Akpabio that contributed so much to the growth and image of our party. We do not have the culture of denigrating our members when they choose to exercise their democratic right of freedom of association. If Akpabio leaves, I do not think he can criticize our party, he will find it difficult and will need more than a life time to explain and/or justify such a decision.

In the meantime, Please do join me to pray for my friend and brother, Senator Godswill Akpabio to make the right decision in this circumstance.

Oshoko, I will now return your calls.

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