DEATH of a friend: Ibrahim Saba, a rainbow of lessons -Shettima Hassan, 

Indeed, while sharing the deep sadness felt over the demise of such a valuable friend, one REALISES a factual saying that..Even the best of friends cannot attend each others funeral.

His death poses a lesson for every mortal. It defies ordinary strength of courage to have a dry face without an inflow of wet tears.

…got to know him for long without reconciling his physical person and the descriptive name. The acquaintances came at different times. That MOMENT we came closer left an imprint, a footprints left in our hearts.

…He was a federal constituency coordinator during one of our Youth Mobilisation campaign outfit.
He was upright, courageous, trustworthy and explicit in presentation.

…infact, a humble personality that betrays his intimidating physique and statue.

He was a worthy acquaintance of substance.

Life is indeed pleasant, Death is peaceful. It is the transition that is troublesome..

Sachs puts it, that Death is universe than life, everyone dies but not everyone lives.

A Colossal loss that came through death of a friend.. who was playing, sharing humour and pleasantries, making exercise for a healthy body fitness, took a break to worship and communicate with his Lord, alas! it was the time he had to answer the inevitable call of the creator.. He is NO MORE,

Ya Allah grant IBRAHIM Saba eternal rest and reward him with Aljannah firdausi..

This life is temporal, this world is a transit and this death is unpredictable but certain it shall come.

…indeed, Nothing in life is promised except DEATH.

…adieu our dear friend Ibrahim.

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