Aliyu to Fati: ALIFAT @ 18 Alhamdulillah.

April 4, 2003 the union was formally formalised and speculations put to rest.

We were pronounced husband and wife in accordance with the Islamic laid rules.

From those jokes and plays of Analaa to yimimii, Allah perfected His plans and from that little girl, to a lady, to a woman and wife you have being intelligent, humble and a role model.

Fati Baby, that name you have continue to quarrelled should remain, 18 years on, truly you are still my baby, Fati Fati babiii.

ALIFAT isn’t just a company name, it’s a wedlock name.

At 19 you are already a wife and moulding and shaping the life of a man, you taught me humbleness and patience, you are an organiser of home, at 19 your thinking was deep, your understanding was superb, your care and support was solid, your sacrifices were unique and your actions kept me wondering.

At 19, you made me realised a woman can be anything good she want to be in her husband’s house with courage, will, patience and sacrifice.

Within five years you got a degree, in the process you gave birth to three babies, a nursing mother and an undergraduate, in the process you leant tailoring and became a tailor, and in addition you learnt catering and specialises in making cakes 🍰, added teaching job.

Today you are a tailor, caterer, you make ankara bags and shoe, a resource person, teacher and trainer, a cobbler, senoir Civil Servant, M.Tech awaiting and CEO ALIFAT Services.

Your creativity, industrious and enterprising nature was not today. I truly salute your courage.

Marriage does not stop a woman’s education, i have seen that from Mum, may Allah’s RAHMA continue to increase on her soul.
And in you i can tell stories, you became an entrepreneur, a role model and still manages the home front.

From you i tell stories that marriage is not an obstacle to a woman’s education and achievement of her dreams, but it’s for women of value, character, courage and goal getters.

Ours was a blessed one, ours was different.

Truly as Aunty Azumi Bello will authoritatively and proudly say the men are head of the family but we women are the neck of the family, when the neck is not stable or not there, the head has no where to sit or stand. Let me thank you FD for being a thick and strong NECK.

Alhamdulillah today it is 18 years, in the union, blessed with four fruits of the womb and hopeful of more.

We have gone through a lot but we have being patience, tolerant, open to each other and have trusted ourselves.

We have told ourselves to be contented with whatever Allah provides, we have never taken more than we can bear or afford, we have learn’t modesty and simplicity, we have realised patience, tolerance, forgiveness and trust are key to a peaceful and happy union.

We have realised love and reassurance of it to ourselves matters in keeping the flag of the union flying.

Yes sometimes that blood of royalty, goes to the head, but we still have so many ways, words and names to put it off.

We have continue to be who we are and struggling to be who we want to be, we never copy cat, we want to be ourselves and so we are Alifat.

We have learn simplicity, patience, humbleness and generosity from our parents, we have hold on to them.

Yes the mischief makers have continue to put us on our toes, but the mischief has made us wax stronger, they have continue to bounce back with new strategies, we have continue to overcome them and made us renew our faith and trust in Allah.

Alhamdulillah for the blessings, Alhamdulillah for keeping the union intact, Alhamdulillah for making ours unique, Alhamdulillah for we have good stories to tell.

Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah solidify the union the more, let am sorry, forgive me, baby, wachin, yerama, angon Fati, amaryan Aliyu, sweetie, Kooko be frequent on our lips, those hugs and kisses of reassurance, those words to keep each other going.

Marriage is sweet, when garnished with love, patience, tolerance, kindness and trust, when the man is deaf and the woman blind, for us @18 marriage is woah!

Thank you my caring, loving, industrious, enterprising, creative and innovative Fati baby, we have all played our parts well, we might not be perfect but the future is bright, sorry for the exibitions of Wachin booo, kissan abun ajinine.

Gimbiya Fatima, for being humble, patience and for the sacrifices, i will…..


Aliyu B. AbdulMalik wrote in tribute to his wife of 18 years, Fati Nuhu.

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