Abdulkudus the Truck Food vendor who Turns Over N1m Monthly

At first sight, Abdulkudus A. Salman comes across like a man who works with an ICT firm, with a back pack strap to his back, well ironed clothes and sparkling polished shoes.

I met Abdulkudus first, at Obasanjo Complex in Minna, Obasanjo Complex in Minna is a hub for ICT gadgets, like GSM phones, computers and accessories, so Abdulkudus looks more like the young men there.

Abdulkudus pushes a two wheel truck, locally constructed like the one used by Water vendors to push food for sale at the complex as against the usual youth roaming about selling phones and accessories.

I called Abdulkudus with a wave gesture of the hand, he came closer to me and I asked his name.

He told me, I went further to ask about his education, he said he obtained a Diploma in Law from Justice Fati Lami College of Legal studies in Minna, Niger state.

He further said, he is 27 years of age and wants to go to Bayero University Kano to get a law Degree.

Abdulkudus is from Oyo State, he said he started his truck food vendor because he read a lot about Chief Gani Fawehinmi and his struggles for success, “I also see a lot of youth going into crime and I didn’t like crime” he added.

I asked Abdulkudus how much he makes from truck food vending, he said “I sale an average of Thirty Five Thousand Naira daily and make a Profit of about Ten thousand Naira.

He added that he started his business in 2019 with just N3000 only, but today he employs 3 people and the business is growing.

He sees himself growing bigger if he has more capital.

You can talk to Abdulkudus on 08148382006

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