Niger state house of assembly committee on local government matters chaired by Hon. Liman Iya has begun it’s investigation into the shiroro local government council crisis. The sitting which began on Wednesday 17th February is to investigate the cause of the crisis in the council which form part of the legislatives efforts to find lasting solution to the crisis.

The Chairman of Shiroro local government Suleiman Dauda Chukuba was present and some ward councillors.

In Response to questions and allegations levelled against him on the root of the crisis, the Chairman denied the allegation that he mismanaged the budget allocation meant for the Local Government as alleged by some Councillors.

He explained that the money meant for project financing was not paid to the Local government account.

Chukuba clarified that he is yet to receive an impeachment letter, ” I have not received any impeachment letter, the issue is only trending on Social Media.”

Meanwhile, three councilors who were present during the committee’s panel, said they did not support the suspension of the Chairman. Stressing that all the 15 wards Councilors are guilty of the same offence pointed at the Council Chairman.

The committee then postponed the sitting to the next day, thursday 18th February where principal ifficers to include Director for works, Director of Administration, Director for finance and supply would be questioned.

When asked about the remote cause of the crisis
Responding to questions about the crisis in the the local government council, The director for works said ” The cause of the ongoing crisis is over disagreement of funds, 1.9millon was earmarked for projects per ward as constituency projects and 500,000 was given to the councillors from the 1.9millon as pocket monies.”

When asked by the committee about the impeachment saga and if there was any legal backings?
The Director for Administration said ” I was not in attendance, I directed someone to sign for me, we operate a parliamentary and presidential type of government. The chairman was sacked without due sitting, we don’t have a full cabinet as the law demands in Shiroro local government.” when asked by the committee if the impeachment process and document was valid? He said “No, it is not valid”

Asked what type of government do Shiroro local government run? The Director for finance and supply said ” the local government run a partial presidential system of govt”
He further said “the cause of the crisis is about the 100million tenement rate.”

The investigation was adjourned sine die.

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