Niger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani-Bello has urged Nigerians to use the period for national forgiveness and  reconciliation in line with the spirit and intent of season as ordained by Allah (SWT).
The governor in statement by his Chief Press Secretary , Malam Jibrin Baba Ndace  affirmed that there can never be a better time for us as a people to begin to forgive one another and consciously seek the path of reconciliation in the interest of our country and the generations yet unborn.
“This Holy blessed month has offered us the golden opportunity to retrace our steps, deliberately strive to sincerely forgive one another and chart the course of national reconciliation at this critical period of our nationhood.
“The Prophet enjoined all human beings  to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours and the Holy month of Ramadan is the auspicious time to further actualise this divine injunction. It should be a period of total forgiveness, reconciliation and healing of wounds to enable us build on the solid foundation being laid by President Muhammadu Buhari”.
He also urged Nigerians to refrain from actions and statements that are capable of heightening tension, cause national discord and hatred. According to him, “this is a period for us to shun hate speech and embrace the spirit of patriotism so that we can bequeath a peaceful and thriving country to our children”.
Gov. Sani-Bello then urged Muslim faithful particular to devote themselves fully to the worship of Allah during the period. Adding that they should emulate the life style of the Prophet, by drawing closer to Allah and pray fervently for peace and unity in the country.
“In this holy season I urge you not to only abstain from food and water but to also go closer to Allah. You are to ensure holiness in thoughts, words and deeds. It is a time to share whatever little you have with your neighbours, a time for sobber and spiritual reflections.
“I call on you to be faithful and devoted in your service and worship to Allah. Ensure that you live in peace and love with one another in this season of Ramadan and also remember to pray for the peace of our dear nation.
The governor also pleaded with the traders to “avoid the temptation to hike the prices of commodities”.
Governor Sani-Bello then prayed Allah to grant all Muslims a successful Ramadan season.

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