The People’s Democratic Party Niger state chapter made a mockery of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s visits to the state, saying that the All progressive congress led government of Abubakar Sani Bello didn’t have any project for its visitor to commission.

In a statement eelease in minna and signed by the party chairman Bar. Tanko Beji, PDP was explicitly blunt that the Vice President didn’t commission a single project, it reads in parts

“The people’s Democratic Party, PDP Niger State, has mocked Governor Abubakar Sani Bello and his ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, over the visit of Yemi Osinbajo to the state with no single project commission.

“The PDP expected that a performing Government would line up projects for the Vice President to commission as he visits the state for a jamboree turbaning in Bida. But None!

The statements went further to say that it is now part of the APC’s genetic makeup to ignore peoples plight

“As usual, which is now part of the DNA of the incumbent APC led Government of Governor Sani Bello, funds are wasted on ceremonies without bearing on the lives of the poor masses.

“Pitiable, Governor Sani Bello drove through Minna – Bida for over 4 hours to receive the Vice President in Bida, a journey of 84 kilometers which should not be more than 1 hour, but for the deplorable nature of the road.

“As though that is not enough undoing, the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo was not shown any project or land mark achievement by either the Government or the APC legislators to commission in Bida.

The chairman recalled that it was an uncompleted project that the vice president even commissioned the last last time he visited the state. It says, “the last time Vice President Osinbajo was in Niger, he commissioned an uncompleted drainage system that is still lying fallow till date.

“The PDP recalls with Nostalgia, how High ranking Government officials, leaders of thought and statesmen will visit the State to commission Gigantic, solid and impactful projects across the state when it held sway.

“This shows the decrepit level the state has descended into.

Bar. Tanko Beji concluded by giving assurance that the party will take back the state to the days of visible projects when they take back power in the next general election, saying “the PDP promises to bring back the days of projects, development, vision and mission with clear cut articulate policies to reset the state back to its glory from 2023.”

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