Over 300 to get free limbs from ISHK in Niger

The Ishk limb centre is posed to provide over 300 artificial limbs to amputees in Niger state. The centre provides free, custom-made prosthetic limbs to amputees across Nigeria, including above knee, below knee and upper limb prostheses, and polio calipers.

Ishk Limb Centre was established in 2009, as part of the philanthropic activities of Tolaram Group.

Ishk Limb Centre Agent measuring and assessing an Amputee

The centre commenced assessment and measurement of amputees today, monday 11th January, 2021, an exercise that will go on for a week at the IBB Specialist hospital in Niger state.

One of the beneficiaries Yusha’u, 23 said he had his left leg amputated about 9 months ago and I was already thinking of I will raise about half a million to off set the cost of getting an artificial limbs. Now, this (sic) centre has brought succour for me. I thank God for them.

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