Our federal cabinet doesn’t understands Flutterwave, Paystack, but borrowing – Osita Chidoka

Former Federal Road Safety boss, Osita Chidoka, has blasted the formation of the federal cabinet, saying that all it is interested about is borrowing from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Chidoka, speaking at The Platform organised by Pastor Poju Oyemade, and monitored by Vanguard said that Nigeria is now divided into two: Naija where the young people are disconnected from what is going on in Nigeria.

The theme for THE PLATOFRM 2021 discussion is: IS DEVOLUTION OF POWER THE SOLUTION TO NIGERIA’S PROBLEM? Osita Chidoka said “Our cabinet does not reflect Nigeria, they do not understand Paystack, they do not under Flutterwave. They keep taxing them all their money, we need young people to manage Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS. “We should do away with that tariff on importing raw material so that we can create more jobs for Nigerians… but they cannot understand it, the APC government cannot understand this, the President cannot understand this; they are too old to understand.

“What they understand is borrowing money from the Central Bank. “We need to unlock Naija, and to unlock it is our task, our responsibility. It is not the responsibility of the structural leads; they keep on deceiving us, making us wait for that day we are going to change our constitution and Eldorado will come.” Speaking on restructuring, Osita Chidoka stated that he is not one of those clamouring for restructuring. “Tell me what you want us to remove from the Exclusive List and place on the Concurrent List.” “We must say exactly what we want to restructure.

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