Osinbajo to PDP: We can’t stop talking about your thievery..

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo lashed out at the former ruling party saying the current administration will not stop talking about atrocities committed by the party while in power.
Osinbajo, said it had become expedient to talk about the ignominy of the past so as to mobilize the people “to take their resources and say: never again we will allow people to plunder our resources this way again.”

He said Nigeria is currently where it is because of the level of corruption by the PDP administration that was in power for 16 years.

“We must be able to defend the rights of ordinary people. The sum of $3billion which equals N1 trillion was lost to Strategic Alliance. The people just took the oil and never paid anything back. The same N1 trillion we are using today to construct many roads in different parts of the country today. But they said we should not talk about it. What then should we talk about? We must not allow the criminal looting of Nigeria to continue,” Osinbajo said.

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