The Niger state House of Assembly has passed a law banning hate speeches and thuggery in the state.

A copy of the law cited by Nigerwatch Newspaper  section (3a) says  ”whoever joins any group or assembly of persons knowing that such group or assembly is likely to  use abusive words or signs , threaten or treats one or more persons violently or roughly shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not less than six months”

(3b) Says “Whoever moves from one street to another or from one ward to another to  use abusive words , signs or threatens or  treat one or more persons violently shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not less than 1 year and if death of any person occurs as a result of (a) or (b) the offender shall be punished with death.”

while sponsors of thuggery shall be imprisoned for six months and a fine of 200,000 Naira,  dealers in hard substance shall face not less than six months and not more than 7 years in imprisonment and a fine not less than 200,000 Naira.

in a swift reaction, chairman of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Niger State, Barr. Tanko Beji said the bill is clearly targeted at opposition but  Nigerians are becoming more and more wise every day, that is the hallmark of the APC, the more they attempt to clamp down on opposition the more enlightened the oppositions are, they are going to get caught up by the law themselves, because what the law is aiming to prohibit that is what they are engaging in, so let’s see how the operation of the law plays out , but I think that first and foremost those who passed the law will be victim of the law they passed, and we are watching, the law is not a respecter of persons, and once a law is passed it becomes a public document that is subject to the interpretation of the court, the fact that the law is passed by the state house of assembly ends there, for anybody to interpret, that law would have to go to a court of law “

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