Look beyond your states, Awosika tell elected govs

The Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria, Mrs Bunmi Awosika, has told the newly-elected governors and returning ones to look beyond their states in the appointment of their aides.

Awosika also regretted that there is no politics of ideology in Nigeria today.

She spoke at the ongoing induction for governors which is organised by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, holding at the State House, Abuja.

She said, “Some states are richer than others, but it is how well you use the wealth for the people that matters.

“You don’t have all the answers, but you have people that can work with you. You need to work with people and they do not have to be from your states. If you need help, ask for it anywhere in the country.

“A nation that is divided against itself cannot stand.  I want my nation to work. I need your help to make the nation work,” she told the governors.

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