Mr Abubakar, a professor, was a deputy governor to Governor Abdullahi Ganduje between 2015 and 2018. He resigned in the build-up to 2019 elections to contest for governorship on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Dissatisfied with the selection of Abba Kabir-Yusuf as the PDP candidate by the party leader, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Mr Abubakar dumped the PDP for People’s Redemption Party, PRP to contest his governorship.

But in a surprise appearance at a political function organized by Mr Shekarau at his Kano residence on Tuesday, Mr Abubakar revealed his reasons for dumping Mr Ganduje for Mr Shekarau.

Speaking in an interview with journalists at the event, Mr Abubakar said it was not surprising to see him at the gathering as he is now aligning himself with the truth and future.

He lamented that whenever there was a political function, what the party stakeholders were saying was that “the party belongs to three persons — the governor, his wife and the chairman.”

“My position is that, I am aligning myself with the truth and future. But the truth is that, what is going on in APC is really unfortunate. It is not what we and all the supporters expected. Today it is public knowledge that the leaders of APC in Kano go to public functions and tell us that the party belongs to three persons in the state — the governor, his wife and the chairman.

“It may sound funny, but what we see in reality, unfortunately, depicts the actual truth. APC in Kano has derailed. Therefore, is part of our duty to save the party, to save ourselves and more importantly, to save the people of Kano.

“There is nothing surprising to see me with Shekarau because we have a very long relationship that predates the emergence of PDP and APP. We were together in a think-tank group years back.

“Let us come and run the party as it should be. Let people be respected. Let it be inclusive. Let people’s views be respected and matter. Let there be internal democracy where the voice of the people should count and matter,” Mr Abubakar said.

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