NIGERWATCH NEWSPAPER have in the last four years of the Buhari administration observed disobedience to court orders, the flagrant and inproportionate use of power and force on civil protest and on innocent civilians, these have led to lose of lives which ordinarily the constitution empowers the Government to protect.

A good example of inordinate show of force is the extra judicial killing of Members of the now proscribed Islamic Movement of Nigeria, popularly called shiats in Zaria, Kaduna state.

Also the excessive use of inordinate force against the members of the now proscribed indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB).

The unnecessary use of the Department of State Security Service (DSS) agents to molest, arrest and detain several citizens for years without trial or statutory court orders all fall into these categories of abuse of state powers.

Section 33 – 43 of the 1999 constitution as amended guarantees the fundamental rights of every citizen of the country which include right to life, right to dignity of human person, right to personal liberty, right to fair hearing, right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, right to freedom of expression and the press, right to peaceful assembly and association, right to freedom of movement, right to freedom from discrimination, right to acquire and own property anywhere in Nigeria.

We are most times dumbfounded with the actions of the security agencies under the current Buhari administration, especially the DSS which is directly under the Presidency, especially with use of force and refusal to obey court orders.

Only recently, Nigeria became a theater of a tragicomedy when the DSS officials invaded a court sitting to arrest Omoyele Sowore Publisher of the Online news platform Sahara Reporters who was 24 hours earlier released by a court order the DSS refused to obey untill it ran out of excuses.

It is tragic that Omoyele Sowore is still in the DSS detention since then.

The cases of people disappearing is replete across the country, that of Ababukar Hanifa Idris (known on twitter, a micro blogging app as Dadiyata) is still current.

He was whisked away in his car from Kaduna over 100 days ago, no clue of his whereabout, no demand for ransom, Dadiyata is an ardent critic of President Buhari, Governors Elrufai and Ganduje of Kaduna and Kano respectively. No words too from Security agencies and no attempt by Government to find him.

Recently, several news outlets reported that over 184 persons are in various Government detention camps run by Government, this persons are not known to be in the detention by their families, some running to 4 to 5 years. The story of Elzakzaky and Col. Sambo Dasuki who have been granted bail by different courts and DSS refused to obey are in the public glare.

In the past 4 years  journalists have also faced various degree of harassments, arrest and detention, Agba Jalingo, Stephen Kefas, Jones Abiri are all well known.

Recently in Niger state Mr Emperor Simone, and Abdul Egba of Channels Televission were brutalized  and arrested for covering a post election protest in Sabon Wuse, Tafa LGA of the state, they were later released after entreaties with no remediation.

In view of all these flagrant abuse of power, use of inproportionate force against civilians,  and assault on the constitution of Nigeria which is the ground norm of the country and upon which the Government emanates, Nigerwatch Newspaper shall henceforth adopt the Punch resolution to address Buhari with his prefix of “Major General” all news items related to him shall bear his picture in full Military uniform, while his Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo shall have his titles of “Pastor” “Professor” and “SAN” all ignored, he shall be addressed as Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, and the administration shall also bear the tag of “regime” untill such a time an improvement in obeying rule of law is noticed and appreciated by citizens of Nigeria.

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