Before PMB Crucifies IGP Idris on Benue -Dr. Aliyu Tilde

The Tiv told PMB during a meeting today that the IGP was not in Benue even for 24 hours. And Trust Mr. President. He instantly believed them and even went ahead to make a declaration:

“I cannot overlook the killings in Benue or any other part of Nigeria. I cannot do that. I am genuinely worried about the attacks in Benue and we are doing everything to end them.

“The insecurity in some states is a major concern to me and concerted efforts are being made to restore normalcy to every part of the country. I am surprised at the revelation that the Inspector-General of Police did not spend 24 hours in Benue despite my directive. I am getting to know this in this meeting. I am quite surprised…..It is not acceptable.“

The Truth

We held a meeting with the IGP after he returned from Benue in VP’s house. He told us his experience while he was there for a week.

Sure. He visited so many areas, including neighboring areas in Nasarawa State and held meetings with communities. This cannot be done in “less than 24 hours”. The lady that appeared on The Core, Miss Ier, confirmed that he lived next door to her in a hotel.

May be Ortom has a different understanding of the word “relocate”. He thought the IGP will go to his office begging for accommodation. He did not.

Benue people should thank the IGP. He left behind the DIG (Operations) who has been giving the Ortom administration maximum cooperation. He has been arresting Fulani leaders and teenagers as we reported two weeks ago. The Tiv just need to name anyone, and behold, the DIG will get him arrested promptly even if he is living peacefully in neighboring Nasarawa State. There are serious complaints that the police are at their best there: “charge for bail”, as they call it. The victims, of course, are not the Livestock Guards, Ghana or Otondo’s militia that are behind the mayhem and who have gone underground since the IGP visited the state, but innocent pastoralists that are forced to sell their cattle in order to pay the police ransom of hundreds of thousands. I believe the President has heard such complaints from the Fulani community in Benue today.

What else do the Tiv want apart from the awesome patronage that they are getting from the President? He has sent troops, police and civil defence personnel all working for the interest of Benue State Government.

Cold War

The Tiv lied against IG Idris because he did not buy their narrative. A cold war ensued between him and Governor Ortom since on his return from Benue and told the world that for peace to prevail in the state, the anti-grazing law should be suspended and the Livestock Guards disarmed. He was there. He saw the actual problem, not relying on the propaganda on the pages of newspapers and cable television sponsored by Benue State Government. The PPRO, Mashood, on the other hand, publicly called Ortom “a drowning man”. Do you blame him? The Governor is after his boss.


I wonder why PMB is quick in accepting one side narrative and easily given to manipulation, something that cost him valuable followers in the past. Benue officials have manipulated him so much and continue to do so.

Before the President crucifies the IGP, let him give him a fair hearing, please.

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