Ahmadu Liman “Goma” The Minna boy who “Shoot” Tornadoes FC Back to “bigger league”

Nicknamed “Goma” meaning Ten in Hausa, Ahmadu Yahaya Liman is now 18 years old, playing with The Niger Tornadoes Football club of Minna, Niger State owned team.

Ahmadu plays the Position of Attacking midfielder, with 15 matches played, netting in 4 range goals.

Wearing the Number 10 Jersey for Tornadoes FC, Ahmadu Yahaya Liman has won, man of the match, Niger tornadoes vs mulunfashi and NNL Goal of the season, also 2 times state challenge cup winner and 1 time Nigeria National League winner.

Ahmadu’s biggest dream is playing for the Nigeria National team.

“Goma” scored the second of the 3 goals against 3SC that saw Tornadoes wining the super 8 cup finals in Enugu 2021

Ahmadu Yahaya Liman (Goma) with a shot to score second goal in the Super 8 Finals in Enugu, Tornadoes defeated 3SC of Ibadan, 3:2 to win the Cup.

The goal was rated best goal of the NNL season.

Niger Tornadoes is now back in the “bigger league” of the Nigeria Professional Football League. (NPFL)

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