1 Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu,
Popularly called Talban Minna, he was visible in 2019 election, either at the Presidential Rallies or at the PDP zonal Rallies. With his oratory prowess Babangida Aliyu was a major factor in 2019. He was a member of PDP presidential council.

2. Umar Nasko,
PDP Governorship candidate 2015 and 2019, relatively young, defeated major gladiators in the PDP primaries including former Deputy Governor and Ambassador Ahmed Ibeto to fly the PDP flag, majority of Nigerlites believed Nasko won the 2019 elections but was massively rigged in favor of the incumbent. Nasko is in court challenging the election results including allegation of forged or fake document by the incumbent Gov. Bello.

3. Gov. Abubabakar Sani Bello.
Governor of Niger state since 2015 till date, Governor Bello is Popularly known as Abulolo, he is one person who could be described as a lucky politician who came from the Business community with not much political experience to win the Governorship in 2015 and removing the PDP 16 years rule in Niger state. Governor Bello was re-elected according to INEC declared results for a second term in 2019, his re-election is being challenged by Nasko at the tribunal citing massive rigging and alleged fake or forged documents.

4. Umar Mohammed Bago
Popularly called Bago, he is a third term elected member of the House of Representatives from Chanchanga, Bago is currently vieing to be speaker of the House of Representatives.
He is the first to have served a third term in that constituency and a major backbone of APC in the state even though many have slammed his style of politics.

5. Hon. Abdullahi Garba ( Audu solar)
Audu solar has become a Household name in the politics of Niger state having won Election 4 times to the House of Reps and sponsored several to win, including a Senator from his zone, forcing big names like DIG Nuhu Aliyu into political hibernation, left for the powers that be, he wouldn’t have returned to the house of reps in 2019, but Audu solar is very popular and the court of appeal came to his rescue awaiting a final pronouncement for or against him by the Supreme court. Nearly everywhere you visit in his constituency even smallest kids shout his name.

6. Tanko Beji
Peoples Democratic party’s state chairman. He stood firm for his party and candidates like an iroko against the government’s intimidation and harassment. He is a focused leader and goal getter. Largely misunderstood for his swarveness and non nosense stance on certain issues, he is a lawyer by training and a party man with experience. Beji is highly fashionable.

7. Hon. Lado Suleja
Federal lawmaker representing Gurara, Suleja and Tafa federal constituency in the 8th. Assembly. His Kwankwasiyya style of leadership have endeared his constituents and indeed alot of Nigerlites to him. Hon. Lado has sponsored constituents to institutions within and outside the country -showing his passion for education. Lado was once elected member of the state assembly but was rmoved by the election tribunal.

8. Aliyu Etsu
A social media influencer, State chairman PDP social media team, young, sharp and dogged. Aliyu was very witty and sharp on social media campaigning and defending PDP, Aliyu is currently viewing to be chairman of Chanchaga Lga.

9. Abdulberqy Ebbo
Former DG. strategic operation unit, ICT and public enlightenment. highly visible, He is believed to be the cornerstone for the governor’s re-election victory. Projecting activities of the government to the public, those who don’t know will mistake him for the governor’s spokesperson.

10. Yahaya Mohd Usman (SAI BABA) Former gubernatorial aspirant of peoples democratic movement. staunch believer in the new generations and doing things perceived impossible. He led the team that delivered NASKO to victory at pdp’s primaries 2019, against all odds. Served as Director communications for the NASKO /Ndayako campaign. He is one person who doesn’t condole incompetence. he is a social media influencer and a journalist.

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