Nasko Launches Facebook Business Support Programme

Front-line Politician, Umar Nasko has launched a business support initiative for small business owners and entrepreneurs struggling to create awareness for their businesses. In a facebook post on his page, Nasko said he will be spending a little amount of money to sponsor advertisement of businesses created by young Nigerians on facebook.
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Ramadan greetings.
 Like you all know, I am passionate about legitimate enterprises that enables economic empowerment for every Nigerian irrespective of background, class, or faith. While we wait to do the big things, I always advocate starting small with anything you have – which in our case is our wonderful Facebook community of friends.
I think that the almost half a million people here offers a veritable platform for all legit entrepreneurs on our Facebook platform to market their products or services. Based on this, I have decided for 10 legitimate entrepreneurs to showcase and advertise their products on our Facebook platform every last Saturday of the month FOR FREE. I will be dedicating some amount of money to purchase Facebook advertising for those businesses here to maximize the reach of the ads.
We will run this program for a trial period of 2 months after which we will review it and see if it has achieved the intended objective. To apply, please send a flyer of your business and a one page biodata of the entrepreneur to: or with the subject UMAR NASKO FACEBOOK BIZ SUPPORT. We will consider the type of business and the entrepreneur in our selection.
We will also give preference to high quality flyers. While my team have advised on the fear of the opportunity being misused, I have always believed and hold all of us on the Facebook page in the highest esteem, sense of responsibility, and decorum including those who oppose our personality of ideology. I trust that you and I will prove them wrong who believe that we will abuse the opportunity. That is why the opportunity has been sent first, and is exclusive to only registered members on the Umar Nasko Foundation Platform.”


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